Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why should I use a Personal Trainer?

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If you have hit the wall with your training, lack the motivation to exercise or just don't know where to start, personal training can be of benefit you. As your trainer I will tailor an exercise and nutritional programme specifically for you.  Whether you want to lose weight, gain muscle mass or just feel fitter, my aim as a trainer is to provide the motivation as we work towards your goal.


Q: Are you a qualified personal trainer?

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I have been a personal trainer for 7 years. I hold a degree in sport and exercise science and have Level 3 Personal Trainer and GP Referral qualifications.

Q: How often should I use personal training?

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Some clients choose to have just 2-3 sessions each month in order to update their programme as their fitness improves.  Other clients prefer to train with me each session. It is all down to personal preference.

Q: Can I train with a medical condition or injury?

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Providing medical clearance is given, training can take place with careful guidance, ensuring that progress is made whilst bringing back functionality to an injured area.