"If you are looking for the best trainer, Sean is your man. I really needed somebody who will get me back to sports, and when I realized that I just can’t do it alone I decided to contact Sean - this was the best idea I have ever made. After two serious injuries and illness it was necessary to have somebody next to me who would supervise my every single move and Sean challenged me to get the results. He is definitely a great professional and he knows what he is doing. He is there to give you the last push, even if you think you are not able to do it. He is a great trainer and awesome person, full of energy, who keeps you motivated through the whole session. Since I started to work with him I feel better and healthier than ever, I discovered that I still have muscles (they were just hiding somewhere…). All in all, if you’re looking for someone to get you in shape, look no further!"

Csilla, Newcastle

"Sean is my personal trainer 4 times a week. I've been training for years and only now feel like I'm doing everything properly, with great results.
I used to injure myself all the time but now I have an expert with me teaching me the correct postures and techniques and it's made a huge difference.
Best money I've ever spent."

Nigel, Newcastle


" I had always lacked the confidence to use gyms and didn't really know where to start with an effective way to lose weight. I had tried jogging in the past but found it never gave lasting results. After contacting Sean Thornton, we arranged a consultation and I immediately felt more assured about using the gym. Working one to one with him, we gradually reduced my body fat and gained lean toned muscle. The results have lasted unlike just using a diet method and I also have the confidence to use the gym on my own now."

Craig, Newcastle


"This guy rocks! Totally gets that we are all individuals. I don't have the easiest body to get your head around with 15 years of flexibility training. You won't get the run of the mill circuit, Sean makes great attempts to research and deliver your personal needs."

Jambo, Newcastle


"Sean is my personal trainer and we have achieved great results. We have a combination of programmes from 3 day split routine, intense power work out strength, size and energy. 2inch increase on chest. He is totally professional and an expert one can trust. A very nice guy also."

Alexandros, Newcastle


"When I ruptured my anterior cruciate ligament in my knee, I wasn't sure if I would be able to return to sport after surgery. Getting back into training by myself was extremely frustrating and difficult. After my first session with Sean Thornton he managed to identify weaknesses that I had picked up indirectly from my injury formulated a strength and conditioning routine to address the problems. Before I knew it any imbalances from my injury had been addressed and the tightness caused from inactivity had gone. I was able to go back to playing sport to the level I was at before the injury."

Ben, Newcastle

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